Free Stamp Rental

Earn 1 Free Stamp Rental (value of $150!) Just send a clear, uncluttered picture of your finished project along with a list of our products* that were used to [email protected]!  Your pictures may be featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Rent 4 Days & Get The 5th Day Free

If you have a stamp rental project that may take longer than expected, no worries!  Purchase 4 days of stamp rentals and you’ll receive the 5th day at no additional charge.

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Don’t be shy! Let the team at Decorative Concrete Supply help guide you through the options and opportunities decorative concrete can provide on your next project. Contact us about current promotions and for help on your next project:

[email protected] | 913-422-4443

We love seeing our colors come to life in your designs. Share your project pics with us on social media with the hashtag #DCSKS.

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