Cleaners, Strippers, and Surface Etch

Ameripolish Rejuvenating Cleaner

Ameripolish Rejuvenating Cleaner is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner that removes daily debris from hard surfaces.  Rejuvenating Cleaner Concentrate provides an additional level of protection to combat microorganisms, for floors cleaned with this product. Rejuvenating Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals, and does not cause build up on the surface. In addition to polished concrete, it is ideal for use on vinyl tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo, wood, and composite materials. It rejuvenates the floor by reapplying trace amounts of densifier and stain-resistant additives while you clean with an auto-scrubber. This allows the reapplication of SR² as far out as every 2 years.




Ameripolish Strip & Clean

Ameripolish Strip & Clean is a water-based stripping agent specifically formulated for the grind-free removal of the Ameripolish® 3D SP sealer from polished concrete floors. Strip & Clean also is a great tool to prepare exterior concrete for ColorJuice applications. It helps remove mold, mildew and other contaminates that would otherwise impair the project.

Ameripolish EZ Etch

Ameripolish EZ Etch cleans excess mortar, free latent lime, grease, oil, food stains and organic material from concrete floors and also opens up the pores/surface of the concrete to prepare it for water and solvent based sealers.
EZ Etch is enviromentally friendly and nonabrasive for use on polished concrete, stone, terrazzo, and other custom concrete surfaces.

Smith’s Green Clean Pro

Smith’s Green Clean Pro is a biodegradable acidic detergent solution developed to prepare a concrete substrate by both cleaning and producing a moderate surface texture. Concrete treated with Smith’s Green Clean Pro results in a neutral PH by simply pressure washing or flushing with water per application instructions.

SpecChem Orange Peel Citrus Cleaner

ORANGE PEEL concentrate is a cost effective, naturalcitrus solvent, cleaner and degreaser.  ORANGE PEEL is
an innovative solution for the toughest industrial applications.  ORANGE PEEL will effectively remove grease,
grime and other contaminants from architectural concrete and other surfaces. ORANGE PEEL can also be used to
dissolve and strip many types of carpet and tile cutback adhesives safely and effectively. ORANGE PEEL’s versatility
can eliminate the need to stock multiple cleaners.  Standard harsh cleaners and degreasers are made from chlorinated solvents or hydrocarbon solvents that can be hazardous to use and to dispose. ORANGE PEEL is V.O.C. compliant with a pleasant citrus odor.

TK Revitalizer

A rejuvenator for old and weathered concrete surfaces. TK-Revitalizer 12 revives aging curing/sealing compounds and restores them to their original aesthetic. What results are fresh, invigorated concrete surfaces with resiliency and longevity to withstand long-term use.

TK Xylene

TK-00 XYLENE is a solvent for cleaning sprayers, tools and equipment used in concrete and masonry construction.
TK-00 XYLENE may also be used to remove solvent-based curing and sealing compounds from existing concrete


TK Kwik Klean

TK-Kwik Klean is a versatile, multi-purpose stripper, cleaner and degreaser for concrete surfaces.  It removes curing and sealing compounds (acrylic resin based), carpet and vinyl floor adhesives, most forms of graffiti, and many forms of paint (latex, acrylic and dry fog).  Kwik Klean may also be used to clean stains, dirt and contamination from floors, walls and driveways. It is supplied ready to use and requires no mixing or dilution.