W.R. Meadows Deck-O-Foam

DECK-O-FOAM expansion joint filler is a flexible, lightweight, non-staining, polyethylene, closed-cell expansion joint filler. It is a chemical-resistant, ultraviolet stable, non-absorbent, low density, cost-effective, compressible foam that offers an extended service life in both interior and exterior applications.

1/2″x3″x50′      1/2″x3.5″x 50′       1/2″x4″x50′     1/2″x6″x50′       1/2″x8″x50′

1/4″x4″x100′   1/4″x8″x100′

Black Fiber Expansion

Black fiber expansion is sold in 5 ft sections and available in the following sizes:

1/2″x4″x5′       1/2″x6″x5′      1/2″x8″x5′


Nomaflex® is an expansion joint filler product used in residential, commercial, civil, municipal and industrial applications.  Nomaflex expansion joint filler is much easier to install and offers superior performance with less waste than asphalt impregnated fiberboard. It can be used with hot-pour or cold-applied sealants. Nomaflex prevents three-sided adhesion and can be used without a bond breaker. It also has no odor or sticky residue and is resistant to oils, gas, salts and other chemicals.

Nomaflex expansion cutter

The newest addition to the Nomaflex joint filler system, the Nomaflex Cutter is an innovative scoring tool that enables installers to create a void when sealant is required, eliminating the need for a separate void cap system.

The easy-to-use Nomaflex Cutter enables concrete installers to trim Nomaflex expansion joint on the job site to create a 1/2” void for sealant. This tool was the Experts Choice for the 2018 Most Innovative Products Award at the World of Concrete.

Backer Rod

Backer rod is sold by the foot and comes in the following sizes:

1/4″                  3/8″                     5/8″                     1-1/8″