Release Agents

Matcrete Liquid Release

MATCRETE Liquid Release is a colorless release agent designed to keep texturing mats from sticking to still-plastic concrete or polymer modified overlays. Liquid Release Agent forms a lubricating barrier that prolongs the life of texturing mats by decreasing the friction between the texturing mat and the surface. Liquid Release Agent is used in the texturing process of both colored and uncolored concrete. It is also used as an alternative to powdered release agents that may not be desired in certain circumstances, such as interior projects. Liquid Release Agent should be considered for use on projects that are to be textured but colored later Liquid Release Agent requires minimal cleanup and it’s bubble gum scent makes it easy to use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

TK Liquid Release

TK-LIQUID STAMP RELEASE is a specialized formulation for preventing stamping and texturizing tools from sticking to fresh stamped concrete and/or concrete overlays, as well as keeping stamping and hand tools free from concrete build up during use.

TK VOC Gold Form Release

TK-GOLD VOC FORM RELEASE is an economical, low odor, chemically-reactive form release agent which prevents concrete from sticking to forms and form liners during the curing process.  By the interaction of its fatty acids with the alkalinity of cement, TK-GOLD VOC provides easy release between concrete and form.

Proline Antique Release

Proline Antique Release is used as a bond breaker in the stamping process.   It is a duston powder with water repellent properties that helps prevent wet concrete from adhering to the polyurethane texture mat. Proline Antique Release is also used as a coloring agent, leaving a portion of the color, usually darker than the concrete color, embedded in the low points of the newly textured concrete.  Proline Antique Release is an easy to use powder with stamp release capabilities. It is offered in 40 standard colors to enhance any decorative concrete surface.  It is made with stable U.V. resistant, streak-free, iron oxide pigments.

CSI Release Powder

CSI Release Powder—dry-mix formulated powders and color pigments—are designed for the clean release of mat-type texturing tools.  These products add color-embedded variation to the textured surface, providing highlighting and antiquing effects that closely resemble natural material.  CSI Release Powder is available in many standard colors. See CSI Standard Color Selection Guide.